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  • Zhejiang Pretty Clothing Co., Ltd Company Profile
    Zhejiang Pretty Clothing Co., Ltd Company Profile

    Zhejiang Pretty Clothing Co., Ltd specialize in fitness&sports apparel, children wear with 9 years. We sincerely hope that create win-win cooperation with all customers.We have 22 marketing service personnel to provide the most professional and timely service for you. There are three designers, can

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  • Shapewear

    Shapewear is tight and can help women improve their hunchback, saggy bust, flat bust, bucket waist, buttocks and other problems. Wear good quality and suitable shapewear for a long time, you can make a good improvement in your body shape.

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  • The work style
    The work style

    Since last year, a kind of personality experience has come to us. At first, it was worn by boys. Since then, overalls have become popular. Wearing overalls is very distinctive, and it also makes men more tough.Girls also like the work style in spring and summer this year. The work style is a little

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  • Fashion mix and match of autumn and winter sportswear
    Fashion mix and match of autumn and winter sportswear

    Sports items are mixed with fashion, which is a way to get the effect of high street sports more easily. Smooth down vest, printed Tee, colorful legging, sports skirt, etc. are very popular sports items in this dress, while leather small coat, knitted coat, Harun pants, etc. also belong to the categ

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  • Yoga Wear
    Yoga Wear

    Yoga clothes, mostly for self-cultivation, will show the beauty of women's lines. Only when you see the beautiful posture in the mirror can you be interested in yourself and have the perseverance to persist! Yoga clothes are elastic. During the process of stretching, let the muscles stretch and rela

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  • The role of pajamas
    The role of pajamas

    The role of pajamas is to help sleep, keep warm, and ensure health. Helping sleep: The pajama fabric is light and soft, very comfortable to wear, which is conducive to improving the quality of sleep. Warm keeping: Sleeping in pajamas at night can prevent the pores from opening and causing cold. Ensu

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  • Hat scarf&gloves
    Hat scarf&gloves

    Hat, scarf, gloves, three-piece suit. It is essential to keep warm in winter. It is suitable for men, women and children. Pick out your warm gear!

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  • The wear in WINTER builds
    The wear in WINTER builds

    The wear in WINTER builds, nature is with PRACTICAL give priority TO. Practical, warm, good-looking, take into account the collocation of these three characteristics, no one does not like.Inside three layers, outside three layers of overlapping wear, is a fashion expert must. Plain people wear a dis

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  • kids clothes
    kids clothes

    After children's clothes are bought home, it is best to rinse them fully with water first, and do not wait to put on new clothes for children, because formaldehyde is often easier to dissolve in water, and washing more can effectively reduce the harmful components in clothes.

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  • Christmas

    People in JiZeng Christmas CARDS to celebrate the joy of Christmas, Christmas wishes to relatives and friends, to miss. Adults to wear a red hat to sleep, in addition to have to sleep well and a little warm, the second day you will find in the hat too much beloved gift. And children's favorite Chris

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